Slavery In A Job

Last year, according to the data of GALLUP, an American management consulting company, almost 85% workers worldwide are not satisfied with their jobs. The study was conducted by providing questionnaires from different countries across the world. The result they have collected convinced them to the conclusion that the world, nowadays, is in the middle of a Worldwide Employee Engagement Crisis.

I absolutely agree with this. I know many people who have jobs and some of them are my friends. Often, I ask them questions such as, “Are you happy doing your job?” “Do you feel fulfilled doing your tasks for the company?” Their answers are unsurprising. 9 out of 10 of them responded the negative answer.

And I believe you, also, have relatives or friends who are complaining about the organization they belong in. They may even complain about their bosses, workplace, compensation, etc.

Why does this problem exist?

Why do the overwhelming number of people not experience the happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction in their work?

Why do many people still accept the work even they do not feel the love doing it?


I certainly believe that this dilemma is caused not by the bosses or workplace or compensation in the company as many people say, but the idea of people forcing themselves to be a slave by working for a system which are not of their true interests.

Let us examine the following reasons.

First is money and job security.

Kevin was a single man. He badly needed a money so he can pay his expenses and this made him look for a job. His honest heart told him that he want to become a writer. But eventually, he thought that being a writer would not give him a certain amount of money. Choosing to be a writer, which his heart telling him to be, is a big NO because he won’t be able to pay his expenses.

Afterwards, he realized that he can become an accountant and that it is a high paying job. But in this case, his heart do not feel the passion for it. He just not feel working as an accountant.

But he had an existing problem, he needed to have a money so he can pay for his expenses and live.

So, after extensive and arduous rational thinking, he chose to become an accountant. He followed his rational mind, not his truly-desired profession.

From the given scenario, yes we can assume that as an accountant, he will be able to pay his expenses for living, but to assume that he will feel satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness in it for the long term?

Unfortunately, that will not going to happen.


Because the idea that Kevin decided to become an accountant because he badly needed the money contradicts to the voices of his heart telling him to do, to become a writer. And the fulfillment of what our heart is telling us to do is the ONLY way to feel satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness in our life.

You cannot tell your heart, “Hey my lovely heart, I know you do not want me to be an accountant but I will choose it because it will give me a lot of money therefore I can pay my expenses.” You cannot force yourself to love a certain type of profession.

Same thing with love, right? You cannot force yourself to love someone when you are deeply in-love for someone else.

Satisfaction will only come if we follow what our heart is telling us to do, not by following the rational mind which makes us a slave because of our circumstances.

I am not against of Kevin who chose a job because of his necessity to have a money to pay for his bills and expenses for his living.

But I am against to the “idea” that we are permitting ourselves and letting our hearts become a great SLAVE to a company we do not feel right and to a job we do not love doing.


Here is another example.

Since you were a kid, you wanted to become a fashion model. You grew up collecting and experimenting the variations of clothing. But when you became adolescent, some unfortunate circumstances happened, and the result, you became a broke individual. You couldn’t pursue your interest in modelling anymore.

Another thing happened, your lovely girlfriend has been pregnant for two months.

The insurmountable pressure continued to expose themselves in your existence.

The detrimental fact that you could not find a job related with fashion modelling because you were broke and you would be a father soon, gave you the idea that maybe you should find other job that can provide you good monetary benefits.

As time passed by, you forgot your passion for fashion modelling and became an encoder to a company that do not treat you well.

Afterwards, you realized that you must not lose your job as an encoder or otherwise you will not be able to provide money for your family.

He lost sight of his passion, and ended up living with a job that is not an interest of him.

The sinister trap happened.

I’ve seen many people have these dilemma including my family. I even had a conversation with one of my colleagues regarding this. Here it is.

Him: I feel like I do not have a desire for the job this course will offer me. I want to become an architect.

Me: But is it different from the course you are taking?

Him: Absolutely. But I need to get a job as soon as possible because I am broke as fuck. I need to support myself.

Me: So that’s your final decision. Will you take the job you do not love?

Him: Yes, I must. To help myself and my family.

Another example of a trap existing in our society. The calling of his heart which comes from the infinite intelligence of his deepest individuality, to become an architect, was vanished by the circumstances presented to him. This is the most common situation many people experience. It is that they need a job to get a money to pay their endless expenses in cost of their true desires.


The second one is “inheritance from family”

You have a family business and there is no one available to handle it in the future except yourself. You then forced by your parents to be trained and be prepared to manage it. But your honest heart is there constantly saying, “I do not want to become a business manager, I want to become a newscaster” The moment you choose to become a business manager is the same moment you ignored your heart is telling you to be.

The last one is the “unrelated college degree or experience”

Mario took up Bachelor’s Degree in Encoding major in Microsoft Word. This course was not an interest of him. He just took it because it was the only one left available in the university he’d been enrolled. But his true interest was to become a Chief Marketing Officer. When he graduated, he had no choice but to put himself to a job related in encoding because that’s his College Degree. His course was not an interest of him but he took the job in line with it because he did not want to waste his College Degree.

This scenario is present, most often, for those students who are graduating or just graduated.


Those are the example of situations when we become slaves by working in a system which we do not truly desire deep within ourselves. The stated scenarios are present for vast majority of people.

It is the norm in our society as it manifests to almost 95% of the people between ages of 15 to 50 who have jobs.

On the other hand, the left 5% people are those who follow the path that is less travelled, the path of doing what they want to do, and the path of courage to pursue their true desired profession or field. Moreover, these 5% are not belong to the slavery of the trap system in our society. They are not part of the mediocrity. These people say:

  • “There is much more in life than staying with a dead-end job in a company just to pay for an endless bills and incessant expenses in our living.”
  • “There is much more in life than working for 8+ hours daily in a company and get a compensation that is not always enough to pay our family expenses.”
  • “There is so much more in life than having a job that is not an interest of me and ignoring the unlimited potential I have.”

These people, who belong to the 5%, follow the profession they truly want regardless of their situations.

Whether they are

  • immensely broke or
  • have a family which force them to manage their family business or
  • have a completely different background or educational degree,

they will, still, pursue the profession they truly want, their passion.

Following the call of their passion made Walt Disney attain terrific success even after he was fired in his job as Newspaper Editor for “lacking imagination” and having “no good ideas”. Additionally, it made Mark Cuban become the owner of Dallas Mavericks, a USA NBA Team, even after he was fired in his job for failing to open the store one time because he was busy with a potential client that day. It made, also, JK Rowling to be the first billionaire by writing books despite her previous detriment experiences such as losing her job and living in poverty.

These people did not let their present circumstances dictate how they would live their lives.


I want to share to you the conversation I had from a brilliant friend who I think is part of the 5% group of people. He will be graduating from PUP College of Tourism in the near time. But unfortunately, he does not see himself working to the job related from his course. He really wants to become a MEDICAL DOCTOR, a totally different field. Here is it:

Him: I do not have a will to graduate.

Me: Maybe you are just tired for the moment.

Him: I am anxious about my future. I can’t see myself in office. I really want to become a MEDICAL DOCTOR, not as an office worker (his current course)

Me: So you think the job you will be getting from your course is not in line with the job you truly want to achieve?

Him: Yes. I am anxious about how can I achieve my MEDICAL DOCTOR dream

Me: Just follow your heart.

Him: I will.

After several days, I saw some media posts proving he will be pursuing his dream, to be a MEDICAL DOCTOR.

This guy got balls. After four years taking up TOURISM course, he realized that his heart wants to go with another different field of course. And what’s more astonishing here is that, he is currently pursuing his truly-desired passion, to become a MEDICAL DOCTOR. He is courageously following the call of his heart regardless of the four years he spent from his former course.

Again, I must emphasize that no one is better than the other. I am not saying the people who belong to 85% is better than people who belong to 5%, and vice versa.

For the conclusion, I believe the overwhelming number of people – 85% of workers – who do not feel the satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness with their jobs gives us the idea of how humans ignore the pursuance of their true desires mainly because of the system existing in our generation.

The system that money is so powerful that it forces people to accept jobs that are not of their true desires for the purpose of earning money to pay their expenses and support living.

The 85% workers who do not feel the satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness with their jobs are those who are fortunate ones because they have a job to earn money but at the same time, unfortunate because they cannot feel the job satisfaction as they are ignoring their true desired profession which is rooted from the infinite intelligence of their individuality.


Following our passion, our true desire, our truly-wanted profession/field, whatever you want to call it, is the only way to feel satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness.

In contrast,

Following our practical mind which says, “Hey, you have no choice but to accept this job because you badly need it to pay your expenses” will not give us the satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness in the long term.


Because practical mind cannot experience feelings and emotions, only our heart has a capable to do that.

Mind only stores ideas, facts, and information, but it cannot do what the heart is capable of, which is to experience emotions and feelings. And that is what job satisfaction or job fulfillment is all about.

I want to end this article by sharing a terrific quote from Nelson Mandela.

“There is no passion to be found in playing small, in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

Most of the time, we have some kind of thinking based on fear that if we pursue the thing we truly want, we will fail at it. So, our most common response, is settling to a dead-end job that gives us a sense of security, an assurance that we will receive money. Even that costs our heart’s desires and wants.

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