Still Single in Your 20s?

One afternoon, while you were scrolling the news feed in your Facebook account, you saw your friend greeted his significant other through public post for having their second romantic anniversary. Not a minute passed, another post popped up showing the third anniversary of, again, one of your close friends. At that very point of moment, you were silently sitting in the chair using your phone feeling happy for your friends, but somehow felt subtle loneliness because of the fact that you are still not experiencing the magic and wonderful feeling of being in love.

Your peers, friends, and batch mates are already having the good times of their lives, making their own families and creating memories with their loved ones. On the other hand, there is you who feels like the only one left behind.

Did you experience such at some time in your life? Honestly?

To give and receive love are the best feelings to experience and I certainly believe that. I mean, who does not want to experience love? No one, right?

But here, if you are part of the club of single ladies and gents who are wondering why the power of cupid is still not working in you, I just want to say that it is okay. You are still young! There is a perfect timing for everything and that’s the absolute truth. You may not know now the exact time when it will come but cultivate the faith that there is a reason for everything. Having faith means believing in one thing without knowing the logical reason why, just purely believing.

Do not feel the urgency. There is a deepest truth behind most people saying, “You cannot rush things you want to last forever.” 

Whether you have failed many times from your love experiences or you intentionally choose to be alone for a specific time, the following are the benefits if you are still single in your 20s.

1. You have more time to work on your dreams.

If you have goals – whether short or long term, for yourself or your family, being single can provide you more time and momentum to work on those. If you have a dream to become a successful entrepreneur, you can have more time to research about your industry, your target market, or your value proposition. If you desire to become a successful investor, you have more time to understand stocks, bonds, equities, etc. Whatever those goals or dreams are, achieving them requires a tremendous amount of time and effort. You got the time advantage, maximize it.

To add some more, ages ranging from 20 to 25 are very critical ones because we are stepping on the stage of adulthood which provides us a number of responsibilities such as living on our own, helping our family, separating from the care of parents, and paying our own expenses. It means there is a huge necessity to work on our goals to fulfil those responsibilities. I have responsibilities, that’s why I said that.

2. You have more time taking care of yourself.

I did not fully realize the importance of good health until I had an illness when I was just lying over my bed with incessant vomiting, vicious nausea and headaches, and continuous stress because of zero productivity. I took responsibility for that because I did not take care my health before. People say, “Health is wealth” and I now totally agree with that.

Being single can give you more time to improve your well-being by taking more time to sleep, eat better, meditate more, take yoga, spend time to the gym, jog or run, join marathons and obstacles, or whatever it is. The amazing fact about taking care of health is that it absolutely helps us to feel better about ourselves. And when we feel better about ourselves, our confidence grows up and we tend to feel happier. More importantly, we can be less prone to negative energy such as anxiety and depression.

3. You have more time to explore.

Undeniably, being single in your 20s can give you more time to explore and experience the different waves of life whether it is about learning a new hobby, improving your skills or passion, joining different contests, learning a new language, etc. The three hours you spent on phone call with your ex can now be used engaging in better purposes such as traveling or creating bond with your family.

The bottom line is, you can still be happy even you do not have, yet, a romantic relationship. You are young, my friend! Steve Job said, “You have to trust that the dots will somehow connect to your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.” Just believe that there are reasons and perfect timing for everything that happen in our lives.

Lastly, do not ever let yourself accept the idea that there is a problem in you. You may think you are ugly or you do not have the good qualities of being a partner or you are hard to be with or you are not enough but those are all illusions. Illusion is presenting itself as believable but truly is not.

From Psalms 139:14, “I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.” You are special, you are beautiful. So do not ever believe those thoughts.

Live, go out and explore the waves of life!!! The rest that you wish will follow!

4 thoughts on “Still Single in Your 20s?

  1. Yes! you are right in all the things you point out here. I am 70 and i was single in my 20s. In my mid thirties I met the person I have spent the rest of my life with. Neither of us would have been ready for commitment in our 20s.

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