Make 2019 Your Best Year Ever

In January, gyms are packed up. Planners are filled with notes and memos. Goals are being prioritized. Addiction has no power. You are saving money and continuously being a positive person.

That’s the influence of a new year! We are so enthusiastic about the fresh start it gives to us. We are determined in taking action about the plans that we have set for ourselves.

Nonetheless, it is overwhelming that according to statistics, 80% of people who have a new year’s resolutions fail by February and just 8% of people actually achieve them.

That is not surprising, at all.

People, at the beginning, are going courageous toward their plans, but lose commitment over time and before they realized it, months were quickly passing by and it just became a normal previous years like 2016 and 2017.

We all experienced this one. Aren’t we tired of failed commitments, unaccomplished goals, and unfulfilled plans?

Make 2019 your best year ever, my friend, this is your moment!

1. Start by commitment

The reason why most people do not achieve their new year’s resolutions is because they are too many. They have many plans that they become bombarded about the huge commitment needed fulfilling them all. This builds up resistance and pressure which make them harder and more difficult to achieve.

Just like quitting smoking, the more you resist, the more you are eager to light a cigarette.

Eliminating some new year’s resolutions which are not truly beneficial and identifying ones that truly matter, which means based on your values, is the best way to start.

Do not put pressure on yourself and start one thing at a time.

2. Hold yourself accountable

There are several ways to make yourself accountable in the fulfillment of your new year’s resolutions. Make one for yourself. It can be a daily journal where you can record your results, creating a vision board and pasting it on your wall so you can see it all the time, having a friend who motivates you to pursue, implementing a checklist, or using a habit tracker apps (which can be downloaded from Play Store or App Store)

If one of your new year’s resolutions is to love yourself even more, you may write down, “I love you, self” on a piece of paper then put it on your wall so you can see it the moment you wake up and before you sleep. What it does is provide subliminal messages to your brain and it will start to believe it as time goes by. That’s the power of repetition.

If your goal is to improve your self-esteem, you may look yourself in front of the mirror, everyday, saying, “You are enough! You are deeply loved!” It may seem silly at first, but will improve your self-confidence or self-esteem over time, 21 days at least. Successful and accomplished people do that. There have been a lot of scientific studies about it, the power of affirmation.

With this, we will all be continuously reminded of the new year resolutions we have formulated which gives us a sense of responsibility. By being reminded of those responsibilities and taking actions, we enable ourselves to build a habit which is the main factor for achieving results.

3. Hug your failures!!!

We are all humans. We will all experience failures and setbacks and there is nothing wrong about that. I talked about it on my blog, “Hey! It is okay to fail!” Do not be drown into the feeling of failure, instead, make peace with them. Embrace them! There is no such thing as failure unless you quit.

I always experience failures since I was a kid. There are times when I write shitty blogs that when I started to read them, I was like ‘how the fuck did I write that, non-sense, no-content.’ But that’s okay.

Feel it. Acknowledge it. And embrace it. Then stand up again.

Standing up again means still pursuing what you have started in the first place. It is the time when you have to remind yourself “WHY” you are doing them. Taking a break may help, which I did, so you can gain energy and momentum to fight again. It depends on your values. You just have to put yourself up all the time because it is you who are responsible for yourself.

That’s it.

Having a new year’s resolutions is extremely common for people. But what is uncommon are the people who actually achieve them. Let us all make 2019 our best year ever!

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