4 Powerful Reasons Why Journal is Important

Did you experience the moment when you had a sudden and random idea that you want to write on a piece of paper?

Did you realize, at some point in your life, that time really passes in a quick manner that you feel like you need to record your happy and bitter days?

Did you feel that you are not moving forward in life and that you keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again?

Journal helps to solve those questions. It’s not just a simple way of recording moments, it can also do a lot of great things once done in a consistent manner. The list below are the benefits of having a journal:

1. It helps us to express our feelings and know more about ourselves.

As you write down the happenings, activities, feelings, and emotions you had during the day, you tend to know more about yourself. Those hidden feelings and emotions need to be expressed, and one way to do that is by having a journal. It is a form of expression. And we all know that every expression, such as dancing and singing, provides a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Try it. If you have a bad day because of the intense traffic or miscommunication you have with sales woman in the retail store, write those happenings (and feelings associated with it) and I guarantee, you will feel better. If you are happy because of the moments you have with your partner, write it so you can record those memories.

There is no rules and regulations, you can write anything you want.


2. It tracks our development.

At this point of my life, this is where journal truly helps. In the morning, I write down all the tasks I need to do (habits or to-do lists) during the day. With journal, I can assess in the evening if the listed items are done, thus, providing me an insight if I am moving closer to my vision or not.

If some items are not checked, then I can provide the “reasons” why I did not accomplish those specific tasks. It may be because of the enormous time consumed in social media, overusing mobile games, etc.

Journal helps us identify those information because we are able to track down the happenings and activities we do every single day. If we get our act together to eliminate those “reasons”, which is to say actions that are not productive, then we can provide room for more productivity during the day.

3. It builds habit.

Making a journal every single day is easier said than done. Yes, it is easy to write down our ideas in a piece of paper, but what is not easy is doing it in a consistent manner.

One of the benefits why having a journal is important is because it develops that “habit formation”. Doing it consistently every single day forces us to take action, regardless of whether we like it or not, in something that will benefit us in the future. There is no fortune or success come from single effort. They are the result of habits that are made in a consistent manner.

If we develop that “habit” mindset, we will be more disciplined, organized, and patient which are critical factors in achieving success in our lives.


4. It improves our mental clarity.

Not only journal helps us to express our feelings, it also improves our mental clarity. Writing our ideas and aspirations provides us a satisfying feeling, knowing that even if we forget them, we can still read them at any point of moment.

As human beings, we have thousands of ideas and thoughts in our mind that some times we cannot mentally remember some of them. By writing it down in a piece of paper, it gives a feeling of assurance that we can reach them any time, just like having a back up in our smartphones.

Overall, journal benefits’ vary from every individual. For me, the best benefit I get from it is that it helps me identify if I am going closer to my long term goals or not. It is a powerful tool that assess what area of our life needs improvement and what learning we can gain from our mistakes.

Remember, the importance of journal does not end here. Discover more by starting your own journal today!

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