12 Days Off From Social Media

I was not being productive.

I was continuously, for a long time, scrolling my news feed for two reasons, to stan other people’s lives and to hope for some divine intervention.

I was always waiting for some pleasure of what I call, the “dopamine notification”

Many days were passing in a quick manner with same routine but without significant results.

Those are the reasons why last January 30, I’ve decided to cut all my social media, at least temporarily.

12 days are already passed and today, I have the excitement to list down the benefits of becoming free from obsessive use of social media. They are the following:

1. More time to rest

Some people say that using their fbs, twitter, instagram, etc. is somehow a form of resting because there is no physical action involved. But unfortunately, that’s not what truly happening. While using social media, our mind is continually making an effort to interpret the pictures, videos, and data it receives. And that involves a much mind activity.

A quality rest requires peace both of our body and mind. And we can do that by doing meditation, being present in the moment, awareness and sleep.

2. Improved productivity

Last month, I downloaded the “App Usage” application and from there, I was able to know how much time I consume using social media (that app is savage by the way, try it and you will realize how addict we are using our smartphones). 9 to 11 precious hours were my average phone usage in a day and 3 to 4 hours of them are wasted with incessant scrolling of news feeds.

Nowadays, as I’m currently free from social media, those precious 3 to 4 hours are transferred in doing other productive pursuits like reading a book, studying stocks, and improving my blog.

3. Higher level of focus

It’s hard to accomplish one task if we are always checking our phone every time a notification pops up.

The moment we check our phones (to see those non-sense notifications) while we are doing an important task, is the same moment we divert our focus to other things. It decreases the focus we have in a particular activity, thus, reducing the quality of our given work.


On the other hand, focusing on one task at a time without distractions and with laser focus can gives us a desirable quality of results.


I believe that social media provides enormous help in our everyday living as it enables us to learn, connect, and communicate easily. I believe, also, that balance is a key.

I will be back using social media after 30 days – probably March 1 – but in a manner that is beneficial and not distraction anymore.

That’s all.

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