One Step At A Time

Sharing life’s personal information has not been a strong skill of mine, so please, bear with this.

I am Adrian John Ignacio, but you may call me by the initials of my first name. I was born in the city of Mandaluyong but lived most of my early teenage years in the province of Batangas. If you would ask me what am I thankful for, it is my family. I have lovely parents and two beautiful sisters, namely Jena and Ashley.

I am a graduate of Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration major in Human Resource from the best discipline-formation university in the Philippines, PUP. Honestly, most of my college years were not spent on books and classes, but playing basketball, computer games, and drinking – you know, good old days. Basketball in the morning, taking few hours of pretending to be listening to the professor, and in the night, drinking “bilog” and “red horse”. That’s it.

Those years enabled me to experience not only the magic of love, but also the destructive effects of being broken. Oh what a first love! Not only that, those were the times of living with unknown purpose. Back in 2015, I experienced a tremendous depression and countless relapsed of continuous self-destructive addictions. Just like depressed people do, I never knew nor identified the main reason of why I was in such detrimental stage of my life. Day in and day out, highs and lows, oh, it took me months living in that situation.


Being the oldest of my siblings, I knew that I had to take responsibility not only for myself, but also for my family (if you’re the oldest among your siblings, you probably understand what I mean). It was not easy fighting the demons in your head. It was tough. Despite that, I knew from the first place that I can change something, that I can take responsibility for my life and my family. I had to do something.

It was not a quick transformation, rather, a process. A process that comprises survival every single day and taking baby steps to be a better person. A process when I started reading few healing and self-help books. A process when I started going out and taking risks. Small achievements kept me motivated and continue doing what I was doing. I begun to write, read more books, join organizations, etc. Again, it was not a sudden transpiration. It was a process.

And now, I could not be more grateful that I feel better now. Although a glimpse of those previous years still haunts me in some of these days, I am still grateful that I am able to observe those thoughts without attachment and reacting. I am thankful to God, to life, for planting a seed in my heart. I am thankful because I have my family, job where I can support my expenses, and side hustle that aims to achieve financial independence. I am thankful for all the experiences, whether good or bad, as I believe that they both serve a noble purpose in our lives.

If there is one thing that I can share as learning, it is to trust the process. Faith, belief, and hope are essential. Do not rush, take baby steps, and build one block at a time.

12 thoughts on “One Step At A Time

  1. Hi there!😊 It’s nice to hear ur story. As what they commonly said, everything happens for a reason. Your experience is an opportunity for you to learn things no matter how painful it is. But you learn to appreciate life more, right. And I appreciate those people around you who have been supporting you all the way. Having a good support system is also important and essential during the process. Godbless!

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    1. Hi Roxan! Yes, everything happens for a reason. There are some events in our lives that do not seem beneficial or helpful at initial perspective, but later will unveil themselves as worth it and transformational. Thank you so much for stopping by! πŸ™‚

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  2. This is an absolutely beautiful post. Thankyou so much for making it. What a story! But you dud it. You won over all those things that had dragged you donw. Well done you. You have much to share that will help others. God bless you, and thankyou for coming to my Blog too 😊

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    1. Thank you for reading my story. Yes, I come and read some of your poems and they are truly wonderful (I tried making some of them but often I feel embarrassed about my works). Let us continue sharing our hearts to others through writing πŸ™‚

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