Happy birthday, Self!

It’s 11:26 AM. Currently having a good time here, sitting on the soft couch by a coffee shop in SM Aura. The fact that I just turned 21 today brings me chill and a feeling of unknown.

I do not know. Should I feel proud, happy, and fulfilled? Should I feel special, understand that this is my day? That I should seize, enjoy, and take moments for myself?

I know you had experienced this moment. A moment when you wanted to feel like everyday is your birthday. People are greeting, wishing you a happy day. They’re giving you gifts and special moments. It’s a nice feeling, right? It’s normal. No one wants to be unloved.

However, as I woke up early at 7:00 am, with only 5 hours of sleep, sudden thoughts, realizations, and ideas approached my mind. I was asking myself, “What is this all for? For what is this life?”

I remembered all the dark-yet-transformational years I had in the past, dealing with immense sadness, anxiety, and uncertainty. Those dark days when the four walls became my addictive friend. I remembered those moments and felt enormous gratitude as I am in a better situation now.

The fact that I had experienced those emptiness provided me a feeling of much empathy. I know there are thousands of people in this physical earth who are living in those dark days. Imagine the mind of those people who are torturing themselves and committing suicide. Imagine how heavy their thoughts and emotions are. This is backed by studies as the cases of suicide are continuously increasing in an unbelievable numbers. I have much empathy for them and that’s why I am writing this piece. I want to inform them that the world does love them.

I wanted to help and this blog site is dedicated for them, for you.

I know some might think that this is too emotional for a man who is celebrating his birthday, but I do not give a damn.

I became more motivated to continue this craft of writing, express love, and be more compassionate. To express love does not equate on giving coins to unfortunate individuals beside the street when it is convenient. Rather, it is expressed every time, everywhere to all the humans and creatures, regardless of their flaws and imperfections. It is treating all people, whether they are the poorest or the president of the company you are working in, with equal kindness, respect, and empathy.

Suddenly, few tears unveiled themselves in my physical body.

21 years went fast and I could not be more thankful for this life. I thank everyone for being part of my existence. I thank God, life, for every breath, which I believe the greatest gift I can ever receive.

That’s it. I’ll enjoy this day, do not worry. I’ll give time for myself, for the people that mean so much to me. And by the way, I still accept gifts until 11:59 pm. πŸ™‚


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