If you are failing in life…

You hustle. You work hard. You do your best.

You give everything you can to work on that relationship, or on that business.

But in a moment, it failed.

You failed on that bar exam. You failed at your 3-years romantic relationship. You failed on the business you thought will be successful. You failed at fulfilling the expectations your parents had set for you.

Then, you are crying, could not sleep, could not eat, detrimentally affected by these so-called failures.

These failures brought you an idea to give up, and not risk again.

Let me tell you some of my experiences.

I failed eight times in audition to become part of a basketball team.
I failed twenty-eight times applying for a job as a copywriter.
I failed passing the training on my first career job (again, first career job) and ended up broke.
I failed launching a business months ago because of some financial concerns.
I failed numerous times on different writing competitions.

(I swear, those moments are tough.)

Failures at relationships, career, life, you name it.

I am not writing this blog to make fun of my life’s failures, rather, to say that it is okay – and I’m proud of them.

If you failed from your job interviews, from the expectations you have set for yourself, from the standards your parents instilled in you, or from passing that board exam, or even from failing to live life on your own terms, I am here to say that it is okay.


By failing, you give yourself permission to be human. A human who is flawed and perfectly imperfect. You are a human being, not a God, capable of making mistakes.

By failing, you are able to experience life, which is the most precious gift of all. Life can not be called “life” without experiencing its dual nature which is positive and negative. Life will always be comprised of happiness and sadness, of pain and pleasure, of joy and sadness. That’s the truth. Do you think you can be happy at all times? Think again.

By failing, you are able to build wisdom which will guide you toward a better future – tho it depends on how you will use them. Behind every embarrassing, painful failures are deep treasures that will build your emotional intelligence. They will make you tough. They will serve as your guide. And most of all, they will build your character.

By failing, you are able to create speed because the sooner you fail at something, the faster you learn at it.


Learning the hard way, they say, means learning thru failures by yourself.

And I believe on the power of that.

BUT BE AWARE! Most people hate failures because they worry about other people’s opinions.

“What will people think if I fail at this business?”
“What will people say if I go homeless because I left my job to pursue my passion?”
“What will be their opinions if they see me failing on my job tasks?”

They worry so much about the illusory mental image – who is intelligent, bright, and amazing – they have created for themselves.

Failing is so much easier – and more fun – if you do not care about what other people think of you.

What if you fail? What would you lose? What are you afraid of?

Feel, acknowledge, and embrace your failures.

Hug them. Make peace with them.

Let them become part of your life’s experiences.

And in the end, you will thank yourself by committing to the path most people are afraid of.

And of course…

By not giving up.

How ’bout you? What was your greatest failure? How did you get over with it?

8 thoughts on “If you are failing in life…

  1. Graduated since 2015 but still unemployed, have applied for graduate scholarships countless times have been rejected. In spite of all these Iโ€™m still pushing on and I know my breakthrough will come big and in no time.

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