The Easy Path And The Difficult Path: You Have A Choice

I've always done things the hard way. I was born like a piece of tangled yarn. The job is trying to untangle it, and I'll probably go on doing it for the rest of my life. -Karen Allen

Our minds are magnificent for its ability to comprehend the difference between comfort and hardship. For a kid in the pursuit of walking, it’s not a concern how may times he fall down, he will stand up again and again. As a kid, we had natural braveness to confront our fears in life. When we wanted something, we were eager to get it, no matter how strenuous it was.

However, the adulting phase came and we learned to become conservative. Our fears kicked in and they started torturing our dreams. Insecurities and doubts unveiled themselves, made us feel inferior. We see our responsibilities as means to an end. As a result, we forget our dreams. We forget our ambitions.

What happened?

Is it lack of courage? Is it about your belief? Your environment?

What happened to your old self who was dreaming for something bigger? What happened to that dream?

Will you let it die? Will you let it burn in cemetery of dreams?

Or will you make it, again, alive?

You may ask and assess yourself. You may still go with flow and let everything happen to you. However, time will require you to choose how you will live your life. You will need to decide not for the others, but again, for yourself.

You may decide to choose the easy or difficult path. Saying one is better than other manifests foolishness because no one has allowed to condemn the way others live. Whatever you choose, it is you who are accountable and responsible for your life.

The easy path comprises the majority of people and where mediocrity occurs. Mediocrity sets in when we follow the crowd, when we allow it identify our identity, when we let it define our future, and probably the most important, when we let it destroy the previously-burning fire on our hearts. We become part of the machine. We become slave of the opinions of other people. As result, we are not authentically expressing ourselves. We become afraid expressing our talents, our flaws, our weirdness. So, we tend to follow the crowd. We try to fit in. We try to be acceptable. We try to portray the image crowd wants to see.

You lost yourself, and your dream dies.

On the other hand, difficult path involves the strenuousness of working for the fulfilment of your dream. You hustle on it every single day of your life. You stay late in evening and wake up early. When the going gets tough, you pursue. When the thorns are continuously spiking your heart, you accept it willingly because you believe this is the key to growth. When people are judging and making fun of you, you ignore them and stay focused. You make your own thing. You do not follow the crowd and you make your own destiny.

Do you know what’s fun with difficult path? Even if you fail, no regrets can be made because you acknowledge deep within that you stayed authentic to your self, that you gave your best shots, and that you live your life aligned to your dreams.

You have an option.

Easy path promotes illusory-comfort whilst difficult path equates fulfilment beyond solace.

Ask yourself, in what path are you currently in? Do you want to change it?

If yes, the best time was a year before. The second best time is now. Go out and be proud on path you are willing to live.


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