Perspective Is Underrated

Regardless of how you identify it, perspective plays a critical role in our lives. How we interpret our thoughts and how we define what is happening in our environment determine the level of our well-being. You may be blessed with happy family, good circle, and rich experiences, but if your perspective is on the wrong side, you’ll still find yourself in path of unhappiness.

Perspective is a tool. And like other tools, maximizing the use of it provides easiness, convenience, and optimisation.

The truth is, we all have different kind of worlds in our pea-sized brains. We create our own stories we want to perceive in life. We have our own set of agreements, beliefs, and values. And understanding this provides an astonishing idea that life is only a matter of perspective.

Perspective either destroy or serve. Having bad perspective, you project yourself in a situation of victimhood where you see failures as failures themselves. You pity your own self based on the negative experiences and happenings around you. You create bad stories against self and you believe them. On the other hand, good perspective allows you understand the beauty beyond failures and heartaches, behind pain and discomfort because you believe everything has reason and purpose, regardless of how good or bad the situation is.

Truly, I strongly believe it is easier to be said than done. But once fully applied, can give us liberty to be happy and satisfied at our own self.

You may only have your family and may not possess those rich things, but carrying it with good perspective can still fucking give you happiness.

I have witnessed people who have this and that and still not satisfied with their lives. And I have seen folks who do not possess much and still spreading laughter during the course of their day.

Perspective is everything when you are experiencing the challenges of life. -Joni Eareckson Tada

How do you see yourself during failures?
How do you interpret the happenings in your life?
How do you define your experiences?

It’s easy to think positive when things are going the way we want them to be. It’s easy to feel good when we are on the peak of high moments. But what is difficult is doing them during tough times.

That’s when the test of perspective comes in.

Everyday, we have two options. We either stay pessimistic, complaining about why the world is unfair to us or we get our shit together and make a decision to see things in a better, helpful way.

11 thoughts on “Perspective Is Underrated

  1. Yes. But it’s hard to sometimes change. Our conscious mind is in control only 5% of the time: subconscious 95%.

    And how we really feel about ourselves is a program run by the subconscious based on the self image that was formed during the first 7 to 9 years of our life.

    To truly change, we must somehow rewrite the code in the subconscious realm.

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    1. I absolutely agree to the power of subconscious mind. I fully realized this when I was trying to quit smoking. I remember the moment when I was crying because of the idea that I could not get myself out of it. I quit a hundred times and lost a great amount of self-belief. Until I learned hypnosis which reinforces agreements and ideas in our subconscious mind.

      As the effect of subconscious mind is enormous on our daily lives, the more we need to control our conscious mind. What we feed to our conscious mind will slowly affect our subconscious mind. With that, I would agree it is hard, but not impossible.

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