When You Can’t Handle It Anymore

People have different kind of coping mechanisms. We have our own set of beliefs, agreements, and values on how we interpret our life’s experiences. Although our brain functions the same way most of the time, differences are always presented on how we personally handle our feelings and emotions.

Some people possess higher emotional intelligence while others do not. Some people use substances in pursuit of avoiding the reality while others prefer to face it.

Some people admire music to soothe their emotions. Others choose dancing to express their feelings.

How about you?

When life’s continually throwing you heavy punches,
When you are slowly losing your fire,
When you are being thrown out because of the unfulfilled expectations,
When you can’t hold up your tears anymore,
What do you do? How do you cope with them? With the tests of life?

Life comprises days of survival. Every single day we are fighting for something, for our family, for a dream, and for the most precious gift we ever received. Life can make us hit the ground, even keep us there permanently.

Just earlier, I can’t seem to handle these worldly problems in my life. I had tremendous emotional breakdown. For the days I was holding those tears up, earlier was the time I let go of them. I was not able to resist it.

I let go.

I cried.

I talked to God.

Yeah, I am being vulnerable this time but I do not give a damn because the purpose of this writing is to remind you, (yes, the one currently reading this) that crying is not a sinful act.

It ain’t bad. It ain’t a weakness. It ain’t a sign of immaturity.

“Sometimes, when you are worn down, day after day, relentlessly, with no reprieve for years piled on years, sometimes you lose everything but the ability to cry.” -Leila Sales

You have to understand that you have feelings and emotions. You have to acknowledge that you are just a human who is daily being tested by life. A human being, not a robot, able to experience life comprised of dual nature such as positive and negative.

The truth is, crying is an act of letting go.

No need in pretending to be strong by resisting your tears up because you become it after you cry, after you let go. You become better, wiser, and stronger not because you resist, but because you let go. By doing it, you are not impeding the natural flow of life because life happens through you.

You do not resist life because you embrace it. And by embracing life, you are able to willingly-accept your own self, your strengths and flaws, and your deepest individuality.

When the pressure and challenges are so heavy that you feel like you’re going to burst out, let yourself be.

No need to be ashamed. No need to feel guilt.

And by the way, it’s an amazing feeling when you cry. Not only you will feel absolutely better, you will also regain energy to face life again.

10 thoughts on “When You Can’t Handle It Anymore

    1. Hi Lorraine. I was having a hard time for these past few days. But gladly with the help of praying and meditation, I am able to cope with it. Thank you so so much for these messages. It feels good when there is someone rooting for you. I really really appreciate it. What about you? How are you doing?

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    2. Hi there Aj. I was worried for you becauseI had read your post about having problems but glad now, that you are ok. Yes, rooting for someone when they are having a hard time – it’s something we can give to another human being. God knows, life is hard enough. I am ok thanks but had a hard time last week. Through it now though I think. Mine was more physical though, but it did lead to some emotional issues. Yes praying and meditation is the only way to go. Hope you keep going on i
      Ok 😊

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  1. Hi Aj. I just popped in to see what you had posted lately, and I found this! It is BRILLIANT! It gas lifted me up and validated me just when I needed it. Thankyou for making yourself vulnerable towrite this post. It is very heloful

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