3 Life Lessons From Hello, Love, Goodbye

The movie, Hello, Love, Goodbye, portrays the story of two people became deeply in-loved with each other. Joy does have a big dream to achieve something that is bigger than her current situation. The cheese? Part of that quest, that path, is requiring her to leave Hongkong, where Ethan must not leave on.

The story of the movie is pretty common for us as, at one point in our lives, we became adrift in the pursuit of knowing what or who we should choose first. Is it love? Or family? Or discovering of our self?

At one point of time, I asked myself,

Can I leave the person I deeply love to pursue my dream?

If you would be asked with that question, what will be your answer?

Below are the life lessons we can learn from such special movie.

A. There are things you have to figure out only by yourself.

Joy actually had options. She can either a) stay in Hongkong, rather I should say, lose her calling, or b) leave that place to discover herself and pursue her dreams. But she decided to follow the latter.

We all have little voices in our hearts. We all have intuition, gut, or whatever you want to call it, that is constantly hunting us. It is the little faith engraved in our individuality. A faith that we can be more. That we can do more. That we can achieve our dreams. That we can pursue the unknown but fulfilling path.

We all have that. But few only follow it. Why? Because following it requires us to leave our comfort zones, our limiting beliefs, our fears and doubts, which is a pretty hard thing to do.

We have that little voice in our hearts that we can be and do more, but most of the time, we ignore it because our mind is so amazingly conditioned to achieve comfort. Not pain, obstacles, and challenges.

The truth is, the calling in our hearts will not be fulfilled by other people, but only our own self. Everyone has this kind of calling. And each one of us is responsible in pursuing that.

figuring out herself

Even if you are already in a romantic relationship, you realise that there is still that calling, that little voice in your heart.

A calling, a voice in which, only you can follow.

B. You have to accept risks for someone you love.

Risks are always given in a relationship. Your lover may leave, meet new person, or become interested with another guy/gal. He may lose interest, and fall out of love with you. I know partners who achieved a decade of relationship, only to realise that they are not truly for each other.

Uncertainties are always given, but we have to accept such reality in the name of love. And we can only do that by trust and faith. A trust to the person you loved that he/she will protect your relationship. And a faith that a Higher Being is guiding both of you in every situations and challenges.

That’s what Ethan did.

We are not immune from risks because when we fall in love, we are letting that part of our self become vulnerable. We invest, commit, and give a portion of our heart to someone. With this note, we have to be willingly-open to accept pain and uncertainties. To pick up the lost pieces of our heart and make it whole again.

That is applicable in other aspect of life. The air that we are breathing? Let us accept, it is limited. Tomorrow, we are not sure about what to happen. There are no guarantees in life. You cannot assure that things will stay for an infinite amount of time. In one moment, it can all be gone. In one moment.

Given that, we have to accept the challenge of life, to take risks, to take every opportunities and chances, to pursue someone you love, to follow our dreams, and to be open with death and life.

C. Forgive yourself, at the very least, you learned.

Ethan made a crucial mistake for losing the chance to be a fully resident in Hongkong. He once had the chance to work his dream for his family, but neglected because he decided to leave along with her girlfriend.

It was hard but with help of Joy, forgived himself. He learned, and as a result, becomes a better son and brother.

When we make mistakes, we tend to overjudge ourselves. We blame and bring shame against our own self. During that stage, we have to be kind on our self and accept that mistakes are part of life.

To add, we have to trust the healing process and not expect anything will workout overnight. Forgiving other people and yourself may seem insurmountable, but you have to be patient with it. It may not heal soon but certainly, time will come that you will finally do it.

Behind mistakes are glimpses of learnings. They help us discover the part of our identity that we previously do not understand. They test our courage, belief, and hope. And more important, they make us feel human.

To conclude, Hello, Love, and Goodbye, is a special movie because it relates to many people. Love, family, and discovery of one’s self are all valuable for us, but becomes a matter of concern when we struggle to find what we should choose first. Nonetheless, I believe that the right love should support us while we are discovering the calling on our hearts and following the responsibilities on our family.

4 thoughts on “3 Life Lessons From Hello, Love, Goodbye

  1. Yes, it sounds unromantic to choose your dreams over someone you love but if you don’t at least try to take that time to explore and understand yourself it can turn to resentment towards the person you love.

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  2. Good post. These decisions are not easy. I have made them in my life. I am lucky that I made the right choices and now in my older years I am happy with those decisions. There always has to be compromise and adjustment in relationships but it is not always easy.

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