We Think We Have Unlimited Time

Most people live aligned to the illusory belief that time is always present. We treat tomorrow as redemption, that will provide a divine intervention of change. But as “tomorrow”comes, confusion takes place as our mind wonder why change is arduous and why light is presenting itself through million miles away.

“Tomorrow, I’ll do it!”

We say this. Everytime. Everywhere. We believe that uttering those words will save us from the truth that we are dealing with monsters in our pretty complex brain. We procrastinate, we neglect the treasure presenting itself in front of our face, and we ignore the calling which is analogous to the wisdom underlying in the deepest place of our hearts.

Until we realise that feeding ourselves of white lies is not good, and will never be good. Because we are too occupied living in a wrong direction, we never fully experience the present moment, where “life”truly exists. We never realised that weeks, and months, and years just passed away in a quick, unnoticeable manner.

Truth be told, misery comes from inaction and indecision. The underworld, resentment, and guilt are present when we lack control to the things that we truly have control of, and when we’re trying to control the things which in fact, we have no control of.

Epictetus simply elaborated it,

Just keep in mind: the more we value things outside our control, the less control we have.

The voice in your heart telling you to “change” should never be ignored, unless you desire to waste your living days. Such voice is the wisdom that deserves no explanation. You do not need to question, nor ponder, nor use your rational mind to understand wisdom. It is and will always be present in your heart, waiting for you to tap it.

Ask yourself,

What do I need to stop doing? and What do I really want to do?

You already know the answers, long before you read this. They are lurking behind your mind. Real change demands responsibility. And responsibility requires courage. In addition, stop whining, complaining, and wasting time. Wasted time is a wasted chance. Wasted chance is a wasted opportunity.

An opportunity to live life fully, to put our broken pieces together and make them whole again despite of scars and wounds, and to make our life better for ourselves and for our family.

We all think we all have time. We all think we have incessant opportunities. Not until we’re on our death bed wishing for air to breath, regretting the ignorance we embraced for most part of our lives.

Now is the best time to discover the voice in your heart, to follow the wisdom that you neglected for a long period of time, and to uncover the life you have longing for.

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