Be Responsible, Show Up!

Showing up is not all of life - but it counts for a lot. - Hillary Clinton

When things are going the way we want them to be, we feel extremely happy. It’s normal. Our brain wants it. We want it. We want comfort. We want all things to happen the way we expect them to be. The moment when it seems like we’re on top of the world, is the same moment we feel invulnerable and unstoppable.

However, at one point in your life, something really bad happened. You did not foresee it. It just blew up in a matter of seconds. You are confused now. You are now overthinking about it. You wonder why such thing happened. It may be a loss of your loved one, a break up, or a devastating failure

You asked life,

“Why am I feeling this?”
“Why am I dealing with this?”
“Why are you giving me this hardship?”

Happiness yesterday. Disappointment today. Yesterday you were untouchable, today you’re a head crack. You’re now questioning yourself, your abilities and skills, your identity. You’re questioning life.

Well, truth be told, life will not change itself just because you want your expectations become a reality. It will not forge itself just because you’re dealing with a disappointment and loss, or just because you now feel lonely and sad.

Life will continue to be itself: A series of tests and challenges.

Therefore, regardless of what is happening in your life – may it light or storm, may it winning and losing – you have to show up.

When things are not going the way you want to be, show up and do your thing.

Show up to the tasks that you still need to accomplish.

Do what needs to be done.

Why? Because that’s the perfect place to build your character. That’s a place where you have to motivate yourself and lift yourself up because you have no other fucking choice but do so. That’s a place of grinding and finding your true purpose. That’s a place where you realise what truly matters.

To fulfil our responsibilities when things are doing good is perfectly easy, but what is not easy is do them when things are on the rocks.

I believe that age is not the definition of maturity, but responsibility.

Responsibility takes place when we have to stand up despite of the people trying to bring us down. It is when we do what needs to be done regardless of what we feel about it. Responsibility is when we take action whether we feel like doing it or not.

Responsibility means you keep going towards your vision despite of the seemingly-insurmountable challenges.

Remember, when life is giving you tests of responsibility, ask yourself,

“Will I let this destroy my actions or will I rise up from this situation?”

Showing up means you’re taking responsibility for your life. It means you’re bearing the responsibility of being alive, which is good because you’re following your moral obligation as an individual. It is good because you acknowledge that life comprises not only of good times, but also of “learning” times.

Show up. Do your thing.

You will realise how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.


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